Walk along Marunouchi Line: Get a Taste of Nakano’s Food & History-part2

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This is Austin from the US, living in Japan for about 3 years.
This is the second part of my trip to the south area of ​​Nakano City, where I walked from Nakano Sakaue Station to Nakano Fujimicho Station. I found a unique temple, delicious souvenir shops, and so much more!


Jigenji – A Uniquely Designed Buddhist Pagoda

I continued my fun day in Nakano by visiting the Jigen-ji temple next. It was smaller than Hosenji Temple, but wasn’t any less interesting! I was most surprised to see a strange building to the right of the main temple. It was golden and had a really unique design that spiraled upwards towards the sky. It reminded me of my time traveling in Thailand, seeing the many unique temples. I’ve never seen anything like it in Japan before and really curious what it was.

I did some research and found out that this golden building is called “Bussharito“ and was built in 1979. Apparently, there is “busshari” which means Buddha’s ashes inside the building.

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Musashino Tamaya – Delicious Japanese Sweets in Nakano


I left Jigen-ji temple and continued my way to the next stop. I started feeling tired and I was in the mood for some tasty Japanese sweets, and fortunately found myself in Musashino Tamaya, a famous shop in Nakano. The shop was very spacious and filled with yummy-looking sweets everywhere.

I met the very nice owner and learned that all of the sweets were made on the second floor of the shop each day. I was surprised to learn about the enormous care that goes into preparing each of the sweets to make them as delicious as possible. The owner recommended an pot-shaped treat that was filled with anko and a piece of mochi in the center.

Nabeyoko Monaka

This is one of the specialty of the shop and called “Nabeyoko Monaka”. After purchasing one, I headed to a nearby park to enjoy it with the nature.

★Find out more about Musashino Tamaya here


Hongo Fureai Park

Hongo Fureai Park wasn’t very far away from Musashino Tamaya. The park was full of kids playing, old people walking around, and a cool breeze. I sat down on a bench and started to enjoy my wagashi “Nabeyoko monaka” that I just bought at Musashino Tamaya.

It was crispy outside and chewy inside. The anko was sweet. The beautiful ambiance of the park mixed with the sweet flavors of my snack made for a really wonderful experience. It was so simple, but so nice.

★Find out more about Hongo Fureai park here



To conclude my fun day, I headed towards Nakano Fujimicho Station to catch a train back home. Overall, I spent a very fun day in Nakano! Before visiting, I didn’t really know what to expect, but after seeing the beautiful temples and trying some amazing local specialties (miso and wagashi) made for a great day. I definitely plan on visiting Nakano again in the future!


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My name is Austin and I’m from California, USA. I am a traveler, teacher, and devoted appreciator of Japanese karaage. I enjoy visiting new places, and learning Japanese. I’ve been in Japan for three years and I am always on the lookout for the next amazing place to visit. Since the whole country is essentially a UNESCO world heritage site, I’m sure I’ll be busy for a very long time!