Watch lovers will love it! “JACKROAD AND BETTY” in “Nakano, The Holy Land of Watches”<part.1>

JACKROAD AND BETTY is a shop that sells quality wristwatches to men that desire high-quality, stylish and elegant goods, at moderate-prices. The following article will focus on this wristwatch shop, located in Nakano famous for being the sacred land of manga and anime subculture. Additionally, the article will touch a little on the area itself, not to mention, the sort of people that frequent the Nakano Broadway complex building. Equally important, the article will look at the kind of wristwatches that JACKROAD AND BETTY dealt in, and touch a little on the history behind them.

In the same fashion, the article will attempt to rekindle in its readers a new respect for quality wristwatches! 
This time I visited the “Sacred Land of Watches”, and very popular “JACKROAD AND BETTY” located on the 3rd floor of Nakano Broadway!


When I recently interviewed the staff at ‘ JACKROAD AND BETTY ’, a high-quality wristwatch shop for men, I was impressed with their knowledge on a wide range of brand-new, used, and vintage items. JACKROAD AND BETTY is one of the most famous shops of its kind in Tokyo with more than 6,000 luxury brand watches in stock sold there.

In operation since 1987, JACKROAD AND BETTY, at the North Exit of Nakano Station, just one stop(in case of rapid) on the JR Chuo Line from Shinjuku. (Nakano was an old area famous for its ramen, and much more!)
During my time at the shops, I learned that the staff were fluent in a broad range of languages, such as, Chinese, Thai, English, Korean, Malaysian, among others. Unlike other shops, JACKROAD AND BETTY has more than 20 multilingual staff including 10 interpreters. It is very rare to have such a full range of language support, even in the Tokyo Metropolitan area.Therefore, I came away with a strong belief that the staff at JACKROAD AND BETTY, and the other shops, are able and happy to assist a wide range of clients, in all matters related to quality wristwatches, and the other items in stock.And,most of the clients, I was told, ranged in age from the 30s through to their 50s.

今回私は、高品質な腕時計専門店「ジャックロード&ベティーロード」を訪れ、お店のスタッフの方にインタビューをしました。そして、そこで販売されている新品、中古、アンティークを含めた、腕時計に関する非常に深い知識を持っていることに驚かされました。 ジャックロード&ベティーロードは東京で最も有名な腕時計専門店の1つで、約6000を超える高級ブランド時計が販売されています。
1987年から営業しているこのお店は、新宿からJR中央線快速でたった1駅の中野にある、中野ブロードウェイ3Fに3店舗を構えています。( 中野はラーメンなどで昔から有名なまちです!)

Buying a fine wristwatch can be a frustrating experience for many people. Wristwatches themselves are complex items that need a lot of knowledge about, before making the best choice possible.
Many dressy or sporty wristwatches today, for example, simply come with only the time. Others, on the other hand, are more complicated, with their tiny moveable parts that functioned together, inside the watchcase. Other wristwatches come with various complicated features, such as, chronographs, dates, and calendars, and much more. The staff at JACKROAD AND BETTY can show their clients how to properly use the different features of the wristwatches that they are interested in purchasing. Needless to say, it helps to be as well-informed as possible, especially when it comes to buying something as important as a quality wristwatch. Therefore, it is good to know, for example, what the basic service cost for a wristwatch may be. And, if all of the watches come with a guarantee, and so forth!

高品質な腕時計を購入するとなったら、ほとんどの人はものすごく悩むと思います。 また、自分にぴったりな腕時計を見つけるには多くの知識を必要とするからです。
腕時計といってもいろいろあり、たとえばドレッシーあるいはスポーティな腕時計は、時間を見る機能に特化したものが多いです。 その一方で、複雑で小さな可動部品が見えるといった精巧なデザインのものや、クロノグラフ、日付など複雑な機能が備わったものなどさまざまです。しかしながら、「ジャックロード&ベティーロード」のスタッフは、私たちが求めている腕時計について適切な情報を教えてくれます。高品質の腕時計に限らず、大きな買い物をするときはできるだけ多くの情報を知っておくことが重要です。その中でも、価格はまず知っておくべき情報ですね。あとは、保証が付いているかどうかも重要です!

In like manner, if need be, it will be sent to the actual manufacturer of the wristwatch. The staff at the JACKROAD AND BETTY shops, are well equipped to assist and explain to the clients, all the necessary information, on a wide range of wristwatch brands sold at their shops. Their aim is to help their clients navigate effectively when it comes to selecting a wristwatch best suited to them. 
Also, In addition to the in-shop sales, many of the wristwatches, jewelry, and other fine items, are sold online, most of which, however, are purchased by clients in Japan. Furthermore, to assist the clients, Jackroad & Bettyroad, and its other shops, are happy to offer a wide range of payment transactions, from cash, to credit cards, and bank transfers, including other means of payment when necessary. 

Should a client’s wristwatch need to be repaired, it will be forwarded to one of the partner repair workshops. If your watch is broken or has not been used for years, why don’t you bring it to JACKROAD AND BETTY for a check-up?



Down through the years. This was especially true 100-years ago, when ‘pocket-watches’, a dress-style watch, by definition, were deemed the only masculine choices, for men.
According to recent research, the first wristwatch was a gold bracelet or bangle, fixed to a small clock. This was believed to have been a gift for a Hungarian countess, in 1868. In other words, the first ever wristwatch was worn by a female. It was not until after 1918, when soldiers in Europe returned home from the Great War, that the wearing of watches strapped to their wrists, would soon become popular among men. 


Soon after the war, the first water-resistant watch was the ‘Rolex Oyster’, marketed in 1926. The world’s first automatic wristwatch was designed by an English watch repairer called, John Harwood, in 1923.The watches have evolved a great deal in 150 years since the birth of the sports watches, divers’ watches, and watches equipped with chronographs.

The list of great wristwatch models and designs is endless. JACKROAD AND BETTY has a wide range of interesting wristwatches for you to look at. 

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