Watch lovers will love it! “JACKROAD AND BETTY” in “Nakano, The Holy Land of Watches”<part.2>

Continuing from Part 1, JACKROAD AND BETTY is a shop that sells quality wristwatches and bags for ladies that desire high-quality, stylish and elegant goods, at moderate-prices. Equally important, the article will look at why the quality wristwatches that BETTYROAD dealt in are well within the means of its Japanese and foreign visitors. In the same fashion, the article will introduce BETTYROAD and its partner shops to the foreign readers, and visitors to Tokyo. Additionally, the article will touch a little on the area itself, not to mention, the sort of visitors that frequent the Nakano Broadway shopping complex, where BETTYROAD is located.

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BETTYROAD,  it deals mainly with quality wristwatches for ladies, hence, its name. Just across from the wristwatch shops for men, deals mainly in elegant jewelry, as well as, other stylish and fashionable items, such as, Brand bags.  High-quality wristwatches do not necessarily mean high prices. As a matter of fact, authentic wristwatches, can be purchased at inexpensive prices, compared to many other countries.


One reason for this is that, Japan is a major tourist destination, with countless visitors from all over the world, every year. A large number of notable personalities were among the many cliental that frequented JACKROAD AND BETTY. Over the years, Japan has become a shopping mecca, often for visitors more interested in shopping, that in sightseeing, especially from Asian countries. As one might expect, Japan is popular not only for the latest electronic devices and cameras, but also for watches, sold at bargains in terms of quality and value. In a survey carried out in Japan, the foreign visitors’ satisfaction with the watches they purchased was high.

The visitors said that the price they paid for the watches was cheaper than in their own countries (Source: Consumption Trend Survey for Foreigners Visiting Japan, Japan Tourism Agency, 2017). Being inexpensive, is why quality wristwatches are often purchased in Japan. In other words, quality wristwatches can be purchased at astonishingly low prices, at both JACKROAD AND BETTY, as well as at its partner jewelry shop.This is because the shops specialize in quality wristwatch sales, among other high-quality apparel, and therefore purchase their stock through unique routes, which allows them to sell at lower prices than those at mass retailers. In recent years, JACKROAD AND BETTY have also been catering to the needs of international customers by offering overseas shipping to almost any country in the world. What’s more,customers purchasing products from overseas are entitled to buying the item at a tax-free price.


After my three-hour visit to JACKROAD AND BETTY, and its jewelry shop, I saw quality wristwatches in a very different light, like, something to be treated with respect. 

In a way, a quality wristwatch is similar to fine wine — full of body, a joy to hold, to admire, as well as, to flavor, and of course, to own, and feel a part of. A fine wristwatch is a beautiful piece of mechanical art. Unlike a fine wine, however, wristwatches are tiny well-functioning machines, which have maintenance needs. Like all machines and engines, therefore, wristwatches have to be cared for and looked after. Mechanical watches, in particular, have to be serviced or overhauled about every five years, which may only include cleaning and oiling. Similarly, quartz watches normally only need a battery change from time to time. However, depending on the model, a special service may at times be required. 



In conclusion, JACKROAD AND BETTY as well as their staff are  more than ready to enlighten all of their clients about a wide range of quality wristwatches, and other stylish and fashionable high-quality items on offer, and to help them make the best choice possible. This is what makes the staff at JACKROAD AND BETTY professional!




〜Comments from the staff〜

The day after the interview, we received comments from the two people who were interviewed.

Comment fromAbe, General manager >
「Nakano is easily accessible from the city center, and the area around the station has been redeveloped, giving it an urban impression, such as “Nakano Shiki no Mori Park.”In contrast, if you step inside, you will find a lot of reasonably-priced and delicious restaurants with a series of deep restaurants.After passing through the Sun Mall shopping street, you will find “Nakano Broadway”, which is said to be the sacred place of subculture where our shop is located, and it is a tourist spot.」
「Personally recommended spots are “Arai Yakushi (famous for healing eye diseases and child-rearing benefits)” and “Tetsugaku-dou(Temple Garden of Philosophy)” with the theme of philosophy. In spring, the rows of cherry blossom trees on Nakano-dori are also very beautiful and I like them.」

Comment from Pitsinee , Head of the Interpreting Department>
「Nakano is a diverse town and a hub for universities,vocational schools and Japanese language schools and also various medium and large enterprises.Here you may also enjoy a wide range of international cuisines offered.In addition, Nakano is a shopping mecca for Japanese subculture.One of the places that we recommend in Nakano is “the Nakano central park” near by, about a 5-minute walk from Nakano station.」
「Be embraced by beautiful nature, in the middle of central city,in this oasis for many people to enjoy the quiet environment with a nice breeze.」



「中野は、都心からのアクセスが良く、特に駅周辺は再開発もあり都会的な印象の“中野四季の森公園”等があります。対照的に一歩内に入れば、ディープな飲食店街が連なり リーズナブルで美味しいお店が沢山あります。サンモール商店街を抜けると、当店が入るサブカルの聖地とも言われる“中野ブロードウェイ”があり、 観光スポットとなっています。

<通訳スタッフ ピッシニーさんより>
「中野は大学、専門学校、日本語学校、中小企業~大企業まであり、様々な国のレストランもあることから、 多様性の溢れる街といえるのではないでしょうか。  また、日本のサブカルチャーの聖地として人気です。



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