[NAKANO] JACKROAD -The watch shop popular among international visitors

(この記事は、授業の一環で学生が作成したものです。This article was written by students as a part of their course activity.



Hello, everyone!
We are the team “Bura Bura” from the Sato seminar at Meiji University.

The longest-established watch shop in the NAKANO BROADWAY

Do you know an internationally popular watch shop in Nakano? That is “Jackroad”.

Jackroad is on the 3rd floor of the Nakano Broadway which is five minutes away on foot from the north exit of the Nakano station.

Nakano Broadway

In Nakano Broadway, there are lots of watch shops, so it’s called the “Mecca of watches”. Among them, Jackroad has been operating in Nakano since 1987 and it’s the longest-established watch shop in the Nakano Broadway.

Shopping various brands in this shop

The front of the shop

Jackroad is both domestically and internationally popular because it handles more than 120 brands and 10,000 watches.  Besides that, the shop also handles very rare antique watches that have seldom seen in other shops.  Anyone who loves collecting watches will go crazy!

ROLEX wristwatches

You can buy various watches at a very reasonable price in this shop.  There is a variety of luxury watches; ROLEX and Cartier, to casual watch; Calvin Klein and EMPORIO ARMANI.

Offering a variety of interpretation services

The reason why Jackroad is internationally popular is that some of the staff are fluent in English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai.  International customers who are looking for a luxury watch may feel anxious, if the shop staff talk only in Japanese.  Jackroad has been paying a lot of attention to communication with oversea customers for these years, so please don’t hesitate to visit Jackroad!

OMEGA wristwaches

Adittionaly, oversea customers can get a tax exemption with their passport.  (Please ask the staff about the condition and procedures.)

COMMUNICATION, the most precious thing

Watch shops can’t necessarily do good business just with cheap price.  The reason why Jackroad has been doing good business for more than 30 years in Nakano is not only an abundant line-up and cheap price.

What Jackroad is focusing on the most is the relationship with customers.  Actually, customers are paying much more attention to whether the shop is trustworthy or not, rather than just the price.  At that point, Jackroad has sufficient results and trust because they’ve been doing good business for a long time in the Nakano Broadway -the “Mecca of watches”.  This is definitely the notable feature of Jackroad!

(Depending on the condition of the products, you can get a warranty and also Jackroad’s warranty. Please ask the staff for the detail.)

After the interview, the staff showed us some of the most luxury watches at the shop!  That is the ROLEX Cosmograph Daytona, which is worth 30 million!!!

ROLEX Cosmograph Daytona. How gorgeous!

Incredibly beautiful!!! 

Jackroad has started handling jewelry since 2017 , like Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef & Arpels, and BVLGARI.  If you interested in jewelies, you can see various products other than watches.

TIFANY Jewelries

Cartier Jewelries

At the Jackroad’s official website, you can check the inventory and, if you want, you can also ask to take off the display in prior to your visit.  If you don’t have mucht time to visit there, of course you can shop online.

Although Jackroad isn’t in a famous destionation like Shinjuku, it is gaining popularity both domestically and internationally. If you are interested in accessories like watches and jewelry, please go check Jackroad!


Adress 164-0001  3F Broadway 5-52-15Nakano, Nakanoku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3386-9399
Business time 11:00 ~ 20:30 (open 365days a year)
Access 5 min walk from the JR Nakano station (the North Gate)
Official website