[Shin- Nakano] Looking for Japanese sweets as souvenirs ? Musashino Tamaya is the best choice!

(この記事は、授業の一環で学生が作成したものです。This article was written by students as a part of their course activity.


Hi everyone! We are the team Citrus from the Sato Seminar of Meiji University, the School of Global Japanese Studies.

Summer is coming!
Speaking of summer, many people go back to their hometown and what they need is a suitable souvenir.

If you are looking for souvenirs in Tokyo, we strongly recommend you to come to “Musashino Tamaya”, the Japanese local sweets shop in the City of Nakano (where our campus is located)!

The shopfront of Musashino Tamaya

Musashino Tamaya started business more than 65 years ago.
It is very popular among local people of all ages because of its wide range of items, from Japanese traditional sweets to western confectionary.

The owner of the shop says they put effort into producing souvenirs for people who moved from other city to Nakano.

Now, their products are popular among not only neighborhoods, but also customers from overseas!
There are returning customers from Southern Asia who visited there few years ago and purchase their sweets repeatedly.
For foreign customers, the shop is introducing the QR code payment system and offering a pamphlet about explanation of Wagashi ( Japanese sweets) in 4 differenet languages.

The QR code payment system

“Nabeyoko- Monaka” the grand prize of “Nakano Delicacy 2008”

Monaka is a bean paste sandwiched by crisp wafers.
“Nabeyoko- Monaka” is the best selling item in Musashino Tamaya.
It is known as the first grand prize of “Nakano Delicacy”.

Nabeyoko Monaka (JPY160+ tax)

This is the perfect souvenir!

What makes it unique is the design (see above photo). 
It is made in the shape of pot (called “Nabe” in Japanese) because the shop is located on the Nabe-ya Yokocho Shopping street.

You can choose three different types of sweet bean paste, black sesame flavor, smooth one, and mashed one.

Nabeya Monaka (6 pieces, JPY1,060+tax)

This monaka is filled with so much bean paste and rice cake inside.
We also tried it.  It is slightly sweet and filling.

The price is reasonable, 160 yen without tax for each one.
There are boxed gift sets containing 3, 6, 9 or 12 pieces so that you can choose the best one according to the number of your family or friends.
It keeps for 10 days so you don’t need to worry about the expiration date during the long trip.

What’s the secret of making it so delicious?

Sweet bean paste is the most essential part of Wagashi, which the owner puts a lot of effort in it.
The red bean they use is made in Japan.
In order to make the sweet bean paste healthy and long lasting, there is a perfect amount of sugar.

There are several products named after famous spots in Nakano, such as Jyukkanzaka (Jyukkan slope).

You can enjoy a variety of shapes and tastes.

However, Musashino Tamaya is not only about souvenir,

Mizu Yo-kan (sweet jellied sweet bean paste) (1 piece JPY720+tax)

Dorayaki (1 piece JPY180+tax)

Freshly baked dorayaki and yo-kan is one of the best summer desserts.

Sekihan (red steamed rice which is a special celebratory dish in Japan)

This store also sells “Sekihan” (red steamed rice which is a special celebratory dish in Japan).
We can imagine that the store is familiar to local people.

You can also enjoy seasonal specialities!

You can go to Musashino Tamaya by walking from Shin- Nakano Station, which is on the Tokyo Metro line. It takes around just 6 minutes by train from the Shinjuku Station. How accessible!

Nabeya Yokocho, which the shop located on, is a historical shopping street started in the Edo era.
While we were having interview, local people talked to us kindly and owners of different stores seems get along well.
We felt that this street is filled with friendly atmosphere.

The last but not least, “Nabeyoko Summer Festival” is held in this street every August. 
There are food stalls and people enjoy Awa Odomi (the traditional dance originated from Tokushima prefecture).
You can experience the local festival from the old days in urban city.  

Musashino Tamaya since 1947, being loved by the shopping street and local people.  
If you love Wagashi, be interested in Wagashi and looking for souvenirs for the people you love, you must visit there! 

Musashino Tamaya
Address: 4-30-14 Hon-cho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0012, Japan. 
Tel: 03-3381-7012
Opening hour: 9:00~19:00 (Close irregularly. Please check the schedule from website)
Access: 3-mins walk from Shin- Nakano Station (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line)

(この記事は、授業の一環で学生が作成したものです。This article was written by students as a part of their course activity.