A Beloved Bento Shop “Junten”

This article was written by students as a part of their course activity.

Hello! We are “Team Jasmine” from the Sato Seminar, the School of Global Japanese Studies, Meiji University in Nakano.

“Junten” is a handmade lunch box and delicatessen shop located a five-minute walk from the Araiyakushi-Mae Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line.

We intervied the owner, Mr. Yokobe, about his passion and thoughts on running the store.

A cute bento shop with a red roof

The first thing we saw was the eye-catching red roof and the cute signboard. On the right side of the entrance, there is a handwritten menu. The name “Jun-Ten” is a combination of “Makoten”, an izakaya that he used to run, and “Jun,” the name of Mr. Yokobe’s son.

Located in a corner of a shopping street, the shop has a homey atmosphere.

The cute handwritten menu and illustrations will warm your heart.

Original bento with great care!

Pictures of delicious bentos (lunch boxes) are lined up on the wall inside the store. There is a variety of bentos, so we’re wondering which one to order. The most popular bento on the menu is the Karaage bento (fried chicken bento) (500 yen). The chickens are fried after receiving an order. This shop focuses on “freshly cooked” and “do not keep customers waiting”.  They make and sell food within 3-4 minutes basically, after receiving an order because they want their customers to eat the freshly cooked foods.

Let’s try it! The batter is crispy and the meat is juicy. The portion is large and goes well with hot rice.

 Friendly shopkeeper, Mr. Yokobe

You can feel the friendly personality of the owner, Mr. Yokobe. He tries to serve customers friendly as a “bento shop of town” filled with a warm atmosphere that chain stores do not have, such as looking at each other to express gratitude and having conversations with customers even for a short time.

The owner of the shop, Mr. Yokobe

Recently, due to the COVID-19, there have been major changes, such as loss of large orders from companies and people viewing cherry blossoms.  However, Mr. Yokobe is encouraged by the customer’s voice “It’s delicious! ” and the existence of repeat customers. In addition to selling lunch boxes and delicatessen at the shop, this shop also delivers lunchboxes to nearby after-school centers (gakudo clubs) during long holidays such as spring and summer. We felt that this shop is really loved by locals.

Wide variety of menus from meat to fish

“Junten”, a bento shop loved by local people 

Through the interview, Mr. Yokobe’s desire to “put customer satisfaction first and be loved by local people” has been conveyed. “Junten” is a shop that sells delicious handmade lunch boxes and delicatessen that are freshly cooked, at a reasonable price. When you visit the Araiyakushi-mae area, please come and visit “Junten”!


Address: 5-1-1 Arai, Nakano-ku
Tel: 03-6326-8194
Business Hours: 10:30~20:00
Shop Holiday: closed on Saturdays
Access: 5 minutes walk from the Araiyakushi-mae Station on the Seibu Sinjyuku Line