Enjoy Eating Sasebo Burger at the Hamburgers Shop with an American Atmosphere

(この記事は、授業の一環で学生が作成したものです。This article was written by students as a part of their course activity.



Hello, everyone!

We are “Team Kirby” of the Sato seminar of Meiji University in Nakano City.

Do you know “Sasebo Burger”?

The Burger is the Japan’s first hamburger in Sasebo, Nagasaki prefecture, originated from the United States Navy.

There is a shop in Nakano where you can enjoy Sasebo Burger!!!      

6-minute walk from Nakano Station! 【Burger and Coffee ISLET】

We visited ISLET whose manager has run hamburger shops for more than 15 years!

The shop’s concept is “third-generation hamburger shop from grandfather”, and it is built in the image of New York.

You can enjoy eating Sasebo Burger in Nakano.  You can also have sandwiches, curry and rice, taco rice, coffee, alcohol, and more!    

Very stylish appearance!

In the shop, there are many cute toys, 3 counter seats, and 12 table seats.  You must be excited, just by looking at the photos!    

What can you eat there?

When you sit down and look at the menu,

you can see a lovely logo on it!!

The shop name, ISLET, is originally from the shop manager’s name.  His name is Kojima which means “Little Island”.

Also, the buns of a hamburger in the logo represent an island, and letters represent the sea.   

Let’s see what’s on the menu.

Supreme Burger and Plate Menu

There are 8 kinds of hamburgers, and you can choose size from regular or large.

The meat of patty is 100% Japanese beef.  Moreover, there is a wide variety of toppings

Hot Sandwich and Side Menu (fries, salad, sweets)

The photo above shows side menu items which are sandwiches or fried food.

Desserts sound delicious too.

Homemade Potato (sweet potatoes and lotus roots) ¥300

Lunch Menu

The lunch time at ISLET is from 11:30 to 15:00.

During that time, you can have set menu items which are burgers or sandwiches with a drink, french fries, and a small amount of salad!  You can enjoy the lunch at affordable price. 

Drink Menu

Burger and Coffee ISLET has many kinds of coffee drinks.  

Can you see a lot of national flags at the bottom of the menu?

ISLET also has delicious beers from more than 9 countries including Japan!!

There are many glasses and bottles in the showcase.

In the United States, some people have hamburgers with beers, so the shop manager wants customers to experience the American culture.

That is why ISLET has a variety of beers from all over the world.

ISLET can make possible to enjoy the American culture at Nakano!  

Takeout food is also available!

You can also get food to go!

When we visited ISLET, we had little time, so we had hamburgers to go.

Next time, we hope to have them in the shop!

She is one of our team members, and she has Sasebo Burger.

It looks so delicious!!

Special Cheeseburger (Regular size¥680)

And this is Special Cheeseburger (regular) for cheese lovers.

Even if you get burgers to go, you can enjoy delicious ones.   

Interview with the shop manager!

We asked some questions to the shop manager!  

First, we asked about popular menu items.

“Of course, Sasebo burger is popular, but many people also love Texas Sandwich and Taco Rice!

Menu items which has avocados is popular among women.”

Texas Sandwich (Harlf size ¥600)


The shop manager cooks food after he received customers’ orders, and you can have custom-made burgers.

His recommendation is Cheese Burger with jalapeno pepper and chili beans except vegetables.

When you go there, you should try it ♪ 

Lastly, we asked why he opened the shop of Sasebo Burger in Nakano.

“Actually, the first place where Sasebo Burger was sold in Tokyo was Nakano.  There used to be some Sasebo Burger shops in Nakano. But, most of them were closed”

“I have been living in Nakano for more than 10 years, so I decided to open the hamburger shop in Nakano.”

Enjoy delicious Sasebo Burger at ISLET in Nakano, where the concept, menu items and details of the restaurant are carefully selected!  


Burger and Coffee  ISLET

Address: 〒164-0011  5-48-5-103 Chuo, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

TEL: 03-5340-7994

Opening Hours: [Tue~Sat] 11:30~20:00 [Sun] 11:30~19:00   Regular Holiday: Monday

Location: JR Chuo Line ・ Tokyo Metoro Tozai Line「Nakano Station」 South Entrance  6 minutes on foot