【Nakano】DINING KITCHIN root: Enjoy meat & native species(koraishu)vegitables dining

(この記事は、授業の一環で学生が作成したものです。This article was written by students as a part of their course activity.

Hello,everyone! We are the team MOUSE from the Sato seminor of Meiji University🐭
We are going to introduce “DINING KITCHEN root”.

It takes only 3 minutes from South exit of Nakano Station on foot.
There are so many beautiful and unique restaurants along the Brick Shopping Street (RENGAZAKA) in Nakano.

As you can see the picture below, it is the beautiful street during the day. 
But, we recommend the Brick Shopping Street during the night because it becomes more beautiful when illuminated. 
This place is perfect for couples and ladies’ night out ✨ 

Nakano RENGA ZAKA Street

Then, keep going the street….. Look!
We can find the restaurant “root” at the last spot along the street.

It has a beautiful exterior made of wood.


The concept of “root” is “The peaceful and happy home where travelers can come back.”
The owner of this restaurant was actually a traveler, so he tried to open a café which many travelers can visit.
Then, let’s go inside♪♪

Interior design

As we mentioned in the former concept part, “root” is trying to make a homey atmosphere which travelers want to come back.
That’s why “root” has had a refurb of traditional Japanese style house.

Actually, we felt that the structure is really like a old Japanese-style two-story house based on white and brown color.
There are some small table on the 1st floor and, a big table and Japanese style tables (without chairs) on the 2nd floor.
That is the collaboration of Japanese and Western style!


Also, there are pretty furniture and many picture books as well.  
The interior decor, toys and displays are well selected because the owner runs a toy shop as well.

It is really really like home!! 


Furthermore, there is no uniform for the waiters!👀
You can feel homey atmosphere everywhere in this restaurant. 


Next, we will introduce food menus we actually enjoyed.

The Pickles of Island Shallot and Mango Marinade ¥600 excluding tax (phto on left), Pan Con Tomate ¥380 excluding tax (photo on right)

1. The Pickles of Island Shallot and Mango Marinade

Crispy shallot called “the Treasure of Sand Dunes in Tottori” is the best.
Bittersweet mango and the shallot was the best combination.
We want to recommend it during summer because it’s so refreshing.

2. Pan Con Tomate

Pan con tomate is a classic dish in the Catalonia Region in Spain. The name is also Spanish!
This is the dish of round garlic and ripe tomato on the bread with olive oil.  
It is one of the popular dishes in the restaurant because it matches to any foods and drinks.

Oven-Baked Thickly Sliced Cow Tongue ¥1,280 excluding tax

3. Oven-Baked Thickly Sliced Cow Tongue

This main dish uses only the thickest cow tongue.
Slice thickly and bake it in the oven carefully.
The more you bite it, the more the flavor of the cow tongue comes out and you can taste fabulous one when you eat it with garlic sauce.  This is our recommendation❤️

Not only that, “root” offers a lot of meat dishes.🍖
So, we would like you to find your favorite!!


Ethnic Flavored Ground Chicken Steamed Rice ¥880 excluding tax (phto on right)

4. Ethnic Flavored Ground Chicken Steamed Rice

This dish uses a little bit spicy ground chicken and egg. Also, it includes a lot of ingredients like coriander, Shiso, edible clover, onion and peanut. If you like coriander, you would be fascinated.
This is one of the classic ethnic dishes. It was so delicious! 


“root” offers a variety of drinks as well.

First of all, the large selection of beer.
Root offers 17 kinds of beers from all over the world.
These are the owner’s favorites (He travelled around the world).
You can enjoy “world beers” as you feel like travelling around the world!🍺 

Also, there are a variety of antioxidant-free wines and cocktails .
Each liquor has each recommend dishes, so please ask the waiter and try it!
You will be an expert😄

Native species (Koraishu) vegitables

“root” uses a variety of native species(Koraishu) vegitables.🥕
Also, “root” changes the menu once in a half month, so we can enjoy seasonal native species vegetables!
We never get weary of visiting this restaurant☺️

How was it??

We recomment “DINING KITCHEN root” located on the Brick Shopping Street which is very close to the Nakano Station.
Please visit “root” when you visit the city of Nakano!👣

(この記事は、授業の一環で学生が作成したものです。This article was written by students as a part of their course activity.

Address  3-36-5, Nakano, Nakano City, Tokyo
Opening hours   17:30-25:00 
TEL 03-6382-7474
Access  3 min walk from the JR Nakano station (South Gate).