Don’t get bogged in the heat! A popular curry restaurant “Trico curry” in Nakano

*この記事は授業の一環で学生が書いたものです。This article was written by students as a part of their course activity.

Hello everyone! We are a team named “Nasi Goren” from the Sato Seminar of the Global Japanese Studies, Meiji University in Nakano.

The hot and humid days continue recently.  What kind of foods do you want to eat on these days? Although cold foods such as ice-creams and watermelons are good on summer hot days, how about eating curry?

Therefore, we’d like to introduce “Trico curry” which is one of the popular curry restaurants in Nakano.

Trico curry has plenty fans, even some visit this restautant from other prefectures. That’s awesome!!

When you walk about 8 minutes from the north gate of the JR Nakano station, you can find the hideaway restaurant in the residential area.

It takes only two minutes from our campus. It’s really close!!

A red door and letters of TRICO are its landmarks.

8 minutes walk from the Nakano station “Trico curry”

There is a blue signboard, features of Trico curry are written on it.

Blue-colored signboard

When you enter the restaurant, blue interior decoration is impressive. There is a word called “Tricolore”, which means clear three colors.  This restaurant uses three colors (red, blue, and white)!!

“Tricolore” -red, blue and white

Large amount of curries!

The owner’s choice is “Pipi curry” with various kinds of vegetables and beans. It’s definitely instagrammable (photogenic)!

(1200 yen including tax, women, small sized rice)

It’s a typical “Japanese curry”. The sauce is thick and rich flavor. It’s really delicious:)

The origin of the name “Pipi curry” is the name of the restaurant which the owner run before.

Another choice is “Higawari ECO lunch”. “Higawari” is “menu of the day”. When we went to the restaurant, the Higawari menu was ” a curry with fried eggplant and chicken”.

(900 yen including tax, women, small portion)

You’ll be satisfied even with small sized rice.

There are a fully chunk of ingredient!  I was really surprised that the amount of chicken and rice are same!!  Avocado matches with the sauce and it’s so yummy!

“Higawari ECO lunch” is reasonable, so it’s good for University students like us!.

Menu changes day by day, so check it on twitter’s account of the restaurant:)

In addition, there are “Taco curry” (curry with ingredients of Tacos), “Chicken curry” and “Katsu curry” (curry with a breaded pork cutlet).

The regular amount of the rice is 350g basically for men and 200g for women. There are also extra sized rice and small sized rice, so you can choice the amount.

You can choose large portion or small portion at the same price:)

Also, you can choose white rice or brown rice.

The reason of the large serving is that the owner wants customers to get satisfied by large amount of curries.

Moreover, pasta salad is served with all of curries! Salsa sauce is spicy and it suits to pasta.

If you order small portion of curry, you can order a large size salad!  What a happy system for women!!

spicy pasta salad

Customize by yourself!  How to enjoy these currys:)

It’s really delicious to eat the original sauce, but you can customize to suit your preference.

A small cup of chicken soup is served with curry, so you can enjoy changing the taste of the curry by adding the soup in it.

We recommend that you eat original taste at first, and then, you add the chicken soup:)

A small cup of chicken soup served to change the taste of the curry

We interviewed owner!!

We had a special opportunity to interview with the owner!

At a glance, he seems to be silent, but he willingly took over for the interview!

Originally, he run a restaurant in Fukuoka prefecture, but he was attracted to Nakano. He thought Nakano’s gap between shopping streets and quiet residential areas are interesting.

He said, “I continue pursuing new possibilities of Trico curry. I grope for things that only a personal shop can carry out, and I want to grow the restaurant more and more.”

We are looking forward to see the evolution of Trico Curry in the near future!

If you want to eat a lot of rich Japanese curry, you should go to Trico Curry.

Let’s survive summer heat by eating Trico Curry!

—-Trico Curry———-
■ Address 4-20-6 Nakano, Nakano-Ku, Tokyo, Japan