Tetsugakudo Park, Temple Garden of Philosophy

This park, which is located in Matsugaoka, in the northern part of Nakano city, has an enormous area of 56,200 square meters and the Myoshoji River runs through it.. The abundant natural features of the park throughout the four seasons combine with the river to relax and calm us. Why not visit this one-of-a-kind philosophy theme park located a short distance from Nakano Station?

Founder  Inoue Enryo

he person who opened this park in 1904 was philosopher Inoue Enryo, the founder of Tetsugakukan, Philosophy Academy (now called Toyo University) who is also famous as a doctor of yokai gaku, mystery studies. To Inoue, philosophy was an essential discipline for supporting the modernization of Japan from a spiritual aspect and scholarship that improves life.
Photo courtesy of the Inoue Enryo Research Center, Toyo University

Inoue Enryo

Inoue Enryo

77 Features around the Tetsugakudo, Philosophy Hall

The park is dotted with 77 uniquely named buildings, pieces of stonework, pathways, etc. originating in philosophy. Here visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll while glimpsing the ideas and worldviews of philosophy.


※ It’s possible to change a picture and see it by the view 360 deg.

Highlights of the Tetsugakudo

  • Tetsurimon, Gate of Philosophical Reason

    Tetsurimon, Gate of Philosophical Reason

    This is the front gate of the Tetsugakudo. Placed in the pillar on the right is a Tengu statue, which expresses the mystery of the material world, and in the pillar on the left is a spectral statue that expresses the mystery of the spiritual world.

  • Rokkendai, the Pagoda of the Six Wise Ones

    Rokkendai, the Pagoda of the Six Wise Ones

    This is like a landmark among the Tetsugakudo. It is dedicated to the six wise men of the East: Prince Shotoku, Sugawara no Michizane, Zhuangzhi, Zhuzi, Nagarjuna and Kapila.

  • Shiseido, Four Sages Hall

    Shiseido, Four Sages Hall

    Shiseido is one of the main buildings of the Tetsugakudo . Its four walls are all said to be the front, and it is dedicated to Confucius, the Buddha, Socrates and Kant. Inside is a statue of the Buddha in Nirvana.

  • Kaigiko, Junction of Doubt and Fudezuka, Brush Tomb

    Kaigiko, Junction of Doubt and Fudezuka, Brush Tomb

    This is a divergence in the path where if one proceeds forward, he will head for Yuibutsuen, Garden of Materialism, and if he proceeds backward he will head for Yuishintei, Garden of Idealism. It symbolizes crossroads in philosophy. In the upper-left of the photo is the brush-shaped Fudezuka, Brush Tomb.

  • Rito, Tanuki Lamp

    Rito, Tanuki Lamp

    Tanuki assume the form of humans to trick people, but they also display a splendid divine nature, symbolized here by the garden lantern built into the tanuki’s abdomen. The Rito expresses a view of life.

  • Kito, Demon Lamp

    Kito, Demon Lamp

    The reason people have wild ideas and evil thoughts is because of demons in their minds, but they also have a conscience. This demon appears to be overwhelmed by garden lanterns that represent conscience and to be suffering, expressing a view of human nature.

Opening of old buildings to the public

Below is the schedule for the spring, autumn and monthly opening of old buildings to the public.
(Old buildings opened: Shiseido, Four Sages Hall; Rokkendai, Pagoda of the Six Wise Ones; Mujinzo, Inexhaustible Treasury; Uchukan, Cosmos Hall; Zettaijo, Citadel of the Absolute)

Spring opening
Apr. 29 to May 5: 9:00 – 17:00
Autumn opening
Oct. 1 to 30, weekends and holidays only 9:00 – 16:00
Monthly openings
First Sunday of each month (with some schedule changes). The hours depend on the month.

*For details, inquire with the Tetsugakudo koen office.

Guide to facilities

  • Getting there
    • 12 minutes on foot from Araiyakushi-mae Station on Seibu Shinjuku Line
    • 30 minutes on foot from Nakano Station on JR Chuo Line or Tokyo Metro Tozai Line
  • Address
    1-34-28 Matsugaoka, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, 165-0024
  • Telephone no.
  • Hours
    Mar. 1 to Sep. 30: 8:00 – 18:00
    Oct. 1 to Nov. 31: 8:00 – 17:00
    Dec.1 to Feb.end: 9:00 – 17:00
  • Closed
    Year’s end (Dec. 29 to 31)
  • Tetsugakudo Park website

    *See the website for details on events at Tetsugakudo koen.

  • Parking lot
    • Can accommodate 12 cars. Weekdays only.
      *When the parking lot is full, use other parking lots and spaces in the vicinity.
    • The parking lot is not available on weekends and holidays. People with disabilities may park after presenting their handicapped person’s passbook. To park, contact the management office in advance or show your handicapped person’s passbook to the parking lot attendant.
  • E-book

    Book for Enjoying Tetsugakudo and the Nakano Neighborhood

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