Nakano Free Wi-Fi Service Area Map English

●Nakano Free Wi-Fi Service Area Map

The Nakano Free Wi-Fi Service Area Map offers maps and sightseeing information for areas surrounding Nakano Free Wi-Fi access points.

●Here are the maps.

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Information is offered for the following areas.

・Around Nakano Station North Exit
・Around Nakano Station South Exit
・Around Higashi Nakano Station
・Around Nogata Station
・Around Nakano Sakaue Station
・Around Saginomiya Station

【Information Offered】

・Areas available for Nakano Free Wi-Fi
・Tourist Information Center
・Nakano City Certified Tourism Resources
・Barrer-free toilets available for public use
・Nursing Room
・Diaper Changing Area
・Bus Stop
・Currency Exchange
・Other major facilities and recommended spots
・Shopping Street

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【Important Notice for Users】

This site provides vicinity maps and information on facilities to Nakano Free Wi-Fi users. Please read the Nakano Free Wi-Fi Service Terms of Use and the following information when using the services.
・Use of facilities is restricted to the operating hours of each facility. For details on use and services provided, please contact the respective facility.
・Nakano City does not bear any responsibility or liability for any activities carried out using the information provided on this site.
・Access logs to this site are analyzed to measure its effectiveness.