Nakano Free Wi-Fi – How to use

How to access the service

There are three ways to access “Nakano Free Wi-Fi”: registering an e-mail address, using the Wi-Fi connection app “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi,” and using the Wi-Fi service “FREE Wi-Fi & TOKYO.”

Register with e-mail address

  • 1Turn Wi-Fi on near an access point. From a list of networks, select [Tokyo_Nakano_Free_Wi-Fi].
  • 2Open the browser. When the Wi-Fi portal site is displayed, tap [Connect to Internet].
  • 3Enter your email address. Perform authentication registration to connect to the Internet!!

For details on how to connect, please see the service guide.

Service guide (iOS / Android)

Using Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

“Nakano Free Wi-Fi” is compatible with the Wi-Fi connection app “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi.” If you install this app, you can simply register once and use “Nakano Free Wi-Fi” services as well as Wi-Fi in areas such as major train stations, airports, tourist facilities, etc. all over Japan. (Registration is free of charge.)

  • *This app is offered by NTT Broadband Platform, Inc.
  • *For details on how to use the service, etc., please see the user guide inside the app.

Using FREE Wi-Fi & TOKYO

FREE Wi-Fi & TOKYO, offered by Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and other free Wi-Fi services in partnership with it, can all be used by registering once through a single authentication system that can be used for a single registration. For details on partner services, please visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Government website. (Links to separate site)